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Hybrid Model

Teaching and Learning in 2023-2024

The pandemic transformed how we teach and learn. Teachers, parents and students have adapted with a blend of in-person and online strategies.

Parents as Guides

Keep a consistent set of rules and expectations at home. Check homework regularly. Most elementary teachers will send home folders that need parent signatures. Spend time reading. Make it a routine. Four out of five school days ought to be associated with  learning.

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Age Appropriate Expectations

As children grow into teens, school work evolves. It involves deeper comprehension, making connections across content areas, and engaging in abstract and critical thinking. It also requires that students take on increased responsibility for their own learning and behavior.

reading at home


Support better learning at home:

  • Set up a study environment - whether it is a separate desk or a shared place at the kitchen table. Set a regular time to do school work.
  • Discourage multi-tasking and minimize distractions during study time. Set phones aside. Turn off TV. Build mental focus.
  • Read every day. For younger students, have them read aloud. Avoid too many corrections. Help them sound out words.
  • Take a deep breath if you find yourself getting frustrated with a child. Be patient. Avoid anger. Be ready to adapt.

Technology is your co-teacher

Don't worry about ChatGPT just yet. Most schools have integrated technology like Google Classroom onto instruction. Some parts of each lesson may be in the form of prerecorded lessons. Assignments are often submitted electronically. Don't be afraid to have your cchildren explain the technoloy to you. Two apps favored by teachers include Flipgrid and SeeSaw.

Google is your friend

Don't know something? Learn to ask Google. You will get better and better with practice.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is an extremely popular learning management system used by schools. Every student has a protected, private email. They can see and submit assignments online. 

Check out this Parent's Guide to Google Classroom.

Read The Parent Challenge on Rick's Blog for an in-depth treatment of this topic. You will find additional teaching tips and methods.


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