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The Parent Challenge

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Laundry and Learning at home

So much has changed for the 2020-2021 school year.

The parent's role is new. They are in charge of creating and managing the home learning environment. No longer are you simply mother, father or grandparent, but you are also now a co-teacher. Sometimes you hug your children; sometimes you scold them. You make dinner; you do the laundry. You read stories at bed time. You help them brush their teeth. You watch favorite shows together. You have to enforce study rules.

Every grade is different and every household is unique, so the experience will be different for different families. Many households also have children at multiple grade levels. Coordinating it all can be a genuine challenge. The evolving role of the parent is critical here.

Build a classroom within your home

First, you have to set up a study space, that is, a classroom within your home. It should have set hours with learning supplies readily available. That includes a desktop, laptop, Chromebook or iPad - whatever in required to get kids online. 

There is no one best space. The reality is that you may not have any separate area for learning. It may be place at the kitchen table. In that case, how you structure lesson time expectations is critical.

Zoom and other video chat programs are become the dominant mode of direct instruction. Some parts of each lesson may be in the form of prerecorded lessons. Other parts my be live via Zoom, Google Meet or some other video platform. Google Classroom is an extremely popular learning management system used by schools. Every student has a protected, private email. They can see and submit assignments online. 

Check out this Parent's Guide to Google Classroom.

Read The Parent Challenge on Rick's Blog for an in-depth treatment of this topic. You will find additional teaching tips and methods.

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