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Social Studies and History

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When Martin Luther King, Jr. accepted the Nobel Peace Prize, he lamented: We have not learned the simple art of living together.

Civil Rights Movement: The History Channel website gives you one stop access to authoritative articles, engaging videos and photos, and texts of critical speeches.

US Dept of Ed Office of Civil Rights

Take a virtual field trip to the famous Silk Road: You do not have to spend any money to visit the of Natural History of Los Angeles. Watch what the folks at Banyan Global Learning did with some iPads and good Wifi.

Other virtual museums (below).

Learn the Address: Abraham Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address to a nation in the throes of Civil War 150 years ago. Now Presidents and others are learning the address by heart. Why? Watch the mashup.

Use NGram: This is a powerful analytic tool that secondary classes should learn to use.

Essential social studies sites

Google books Ngram Viewer

Bring real science and social analysis to life. The chart below is the free Ngram tool. It compares the frequency in which any specific words are found in the books maintained in Google archives that go back to 1800. Play with the search terms and the years. See what you get.

Cross-Curricular Resources