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The Mona Lisa Effect:
or Why Da Vinci Would Have Loved Skateboarding

Artists often go to the creative well. They may find inspiration in many sources. Some works flow easily, but others may never quite be finished. This was true of Leonardo Da Vinci's famous work.

Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic License. Photo by Paul Mazumdar.

Photography and the new Selfie: Ever feel beside yourself? Haunting photography explores many versions of the self.

Want to learn how to use Photoshop for free? Check out these great video tutorials:
Adobe TV resources.
Creative Cow tutorials

Edutopia provides a wealth of resources

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CCMixter royalty free music
from Creative Commons provides an exceptional library of royalty free music for playing, downloading, sampling or remixing. They now have a new site for music discovery that you can use for free in your projects called DigCCMixter Music Discovery.

Listen to this Confirmation Blues remix.

SoundCloud SoundCloud: a community of artists and music lovers

The free way to hear the world's sounds. Listen, create, and/or explore an incredible library of music.

Pinterest art lessons

Pinterest is a visually oriented social media site. It is perfect for artists, but it covers an enormous range of other topics as well.

You can follow boards that appeal to your interests. The one on the left is Don Masse's art lessons board.

impact of photography lesson

Lesson Plan:
This high school lesson by Cheryl Davis focuses on the Impact of Photography. It would be appropriate for either a Computer Arts class or an American History class.

It uses both Google Docs and Google Sites, but can be adapted.

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    This company is well known for art supplies. Check out their free lesson plans (including videos).
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