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Next Generation Science Standards

The Next Generation Science Standards focus on three dimensions of learning science. They work in an integrated fashion to help students understand how science works.

  • Crosscutting concepts
  • Science and Engineering Practices
  • Disciplinary Core Ideas

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Gummy Bear Osmosis Lab

What could be more fun than gummy bears? High school biology class makes experiments fun and accessible!

This experiment was designed and shared by Kim Calderon, a high school biology teacher. She used it successfully with students in her class. She notes that you can substitute sugar for salt, and also change the concentrations to see what effect it has. Yes, you can do this at home.

Follow Kim Calderon on Twitter, or visit her website. Kim has a love of STEM and creativity. Find the full worksheet here. It is in Google Docs format. It can be easily customized.

Learn more about osmosis on Khan Academy.

COVID-19 and the World of viruses

The novel coronavirus  (COVID-19) has changed our world. It has also pointed out the critical necessity of science and health education. Put on your thinking cap, and learn more from trusted souces.

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Kinetic and Potential Energy Guide
Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. This is the conservation of energy law. All forms of energy are either potential or kinetic energy. They can be altered from one form to another. The site is easy to follow. It contains numerous graphics and short animations that assist with the comprehension of the concepts.

Climate Change Curriculum from Stanford Earth
The earth has been getting warmer. 2018 U.N. report warned about the need to make changes worldwide to avoid disaster. See this PBS Newshour Video Report for in-depth overview.
Follow NASA and NOAA.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Instrumental_temperature_record

Climate and the ocean conveyor belt: thermohaline circulation.

Periodic Table:
Every element has its own video and lesson!

Understanding Science:
How science really works!

KQED Quest: The Science of Sustainability
Quest offers some of the best real world science education available. Also check out their digital media for education.

Ten Websites for Science Teachers
Professor Eric Brunsell presents excellent resources. Don't let the date of the blog fool you. The content is current.

Check out the YouTube SciShow channel. See sample video below.
Follow SciShow on Tumblr

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Theme: Climate Change and Its Effects

Cross-Curricular Resources