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How do you use tablets in class?

KQED's Mind/Shift recent blog explored how different teachers and their classes used tablets in these one-to-one classes. The Chicago 5th graders studied were from a school where over 90% of student receive free or reduced lunch.

The table below - with my highlighting added - shows how different students used the tablets over the course of the year. Students were allowed to take tablets home even though only 39% had Wifi access. Research increased for all as a natural function of having the tablets. However, three important instructional practices - creating videos, class polling and taking notes - varied significantly.

Tablet use by different teachers

Re-imagining education may require re-imagining work


Awesome Links by Mr. Graves: Compiled by a 6th grade computer teacher in Las Vegas, it is a place to find great tools. It also demonstrates the power of collaboration.

21 Things 4 Students: Free, fun, engaging. Includes a multitude of project-based units with a wide range of apps. Watch the 3 min. intro video.

GCF LearnFree: Learn and become competent using free quality curriculum for MS Office 2010 programs. Includes great lessons with supplementary videos.

Tech Resources and Tools

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