Math you can count on


How should children learn math?

Math achievement on international measures like the PISA has fallen over the years. The United States was ranked 27th out of 34 developed countries in math in 2012.

Math mastery requires an experienced and engaging teacher. Math can become fun as well as challenging with the proper pedagogy: clear examples and opportunities for student practice and feedback. With modern technology, more and more powerful math tools are available online. Many are free. But how do you find them, and how do you know they work?

It is a community as well as search vehicle. It covers all subjects and grades, but then you set your “filter” to whatever parameter you want. In the example called Graphite Math Resources (see list below), the “Subject” is set to “math." Searching is very easy, and graphics act like store signs. All apps and websites have both a “learning rating” and a “teacher rating” using a five-point scale.

Engage for math. Some quality recommendations: