Google 20% Time

How do you build a genius?

You have all heard of Google. They were one of the first to popularize the 20% time idea. They told their engineers they could use one day a week to pursue any topic they wanted. GMail and Google Talk came out of that approach. Earlier on, companies like 3M Company used a similar approach - 15% time - in which they created Post-It Notes. Hewlett Packard offered its engineers a 10% version, and helped develop the Web browser (it was called Arena and laid the groundwork for the visual Web.) These were genius ideas.

Gandhi inspires genius bar
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Can genius be cultivated in school?

Have you heard about Brookhouser and Giuliani? They are two English teachers who decided to apply the 20% idea to their classes: that is, one day a week. They use Project Based Learning with their students. See how they do it.

20 tips for putting Google’s 20 percent time in your classroom

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