Rethinking Education in 2023

Challenge to Learning

Students are back in the classsrom despite learning loss suffered during the pandemic. Yet teachers, parents and students have adapted. Parents still have to juggle jobs, childcare and homework.

Parents: Be Realistic

Keep a consistent set of rules and expectations at home. Whether it is doing homework, or time spent reading, four out of five school days ought to be associated with learning.

Parents should expect to check the progress of student work. If children are not engaged - or they do not receive timely feedback - they tend to tune out or act out.

Differentiate by age

As children grow into teens, school work evolves. It involves deeper comprehension, making connections across content areas, and engaging in abstract and critical thinking. It also requires that students take on increased responsibility for their own learning and behavior.

Parents are our first teachers

Here are some tips for supporting better learning at home:

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is an extremely popular learning management system used by schools. Every student has a protected, private email. They can see and submit assignments online. 

Check out this Parent's Guide to Google Classroom.