Safe Harbors

How to help students navigate through Apps and the Web


The web is a wild west of activity. Although exciting and full or promise, it also holds peril. NetSmartz is a program sposored by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. It will guide you in how to navigate uncharted waters of the web.

NetSmartz Workshop

Encourage sharing

Although lessons in school have clear objectives, students typically surf at random. Sometimes what they find is not appropriate. Take time to monitor. Encourage them to talk to you if they find something inappropraite. Never scold them when they do share.

Common Sense Media

Digital citizenship is the broad concept that underlies how to use digital meida in the 21st cnetury. Much of it is new territory. Non-profit groups such as Common Sense Media help you navigate the way with specific recommendations on apps and software, advice on connecting families, and a robust curriculum for teachers or inquiring parents.

Using Common Sense Media